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Underground Detection Systems - UPDS Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Buried / Underground
Concealed Passive Magnetic Detection System

The UPDS is a buried cable intrusion detection sensor, totally concealed and operates effectively under any type of surface such as: All type of ground, concrete, asphalt roads, runways, vegetation, between trees, mountain, terrain and even under water, snow and ice.

Whenever an area needs to be secured, the most common solution is surrounding the area's perimeter with a fence. In many cases, the requirement is to secure the area  beyond the confines of the fence; that means to create an external perimeter detection ring, so that the approach of an intruder will be detected well before the intruder reaches the inner ring of the protected area.

G-Max Security proposing to use for the external ring the Passive Magnetic Detection technology assures effective Early Warning of any perimeter intrusion attempt. This intelligent detection system is totally concealed and completely passive. Its Field Controller and Sensor Cables are installed underground, including in mountain terrain. The system is based on the principle of Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD).

Since the 1970's the system was continuously developed to have better sensitivity, reliability and modern communication. Today the system latest UPDS model comprising all proven feature with a state of the art signal processing and communication.

Rugged steel armored sensor cable and Rugged Field Controller that meets all severe conditions for very long life underground installation.

The system can Distinguish between actual intruders and stray animals, fish, birds, a floating leaf, bits of paper or vegetation, all of which generally trigger other intrusion detection systems.

Designed to have smart adaptive sensitivity with Auto calibration. The Signal processing mechanism will probe continually the sensor field background condition and adjust itself to the maximum sensitivity possible for these conditions.

The outstanding system features are as following:
  • Full concealed and passive.
  • Suitable to all weather conditions.
  • With minimum false alarms due to environment conditions.
  • No nuisance alarms due to stray animals.
  • Very low false alarm rate and highly sensitive.
  • Detect an intruder carrying or wearing ferromagnetic object.
  • With 100% probability of detection for an armed intruder.
  • Coverage of up to 1000m protection by one Field Unit.
  • Optional Intrusion location & direction.
  • Built-in self-test for all system components.
  • Computerized test unit.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Long life system.
  • HWS version connects to any standard alarm panel.
  • CMS version connects to command & control.
Passive Magnetic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
Buried cable intrusion detection sensor
Buried Security Fencing
Perimeter Underground Intrusion Detection
Buried Security System
Magnetic Perimeter Security
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